Threat Management Resources

Threat Management Resources is dedicated to the prevention of, reaction to, and recovery from targeted violence. We are committed to promoting best practices on threat management for our communities. These resources focus on violence prevention and recovery for any organization including schools, colleges, businesses, places of worship, and health-care facilities.

Threat Assessment Training

Threat Assessment

Threat assessment and management is proactive, not reactive, and requires a comprehensive review of the situation, context, and subject’s psychosocial and behavioral dynamics. Organizations must be aware of individuals who exhibit warning behaviors and respond with appropriate support strategies to stabilize and mitigate potential violence.

Active Threat

If you are faced with an immediate violent threat, you need the tools to better prepare yourself.

Disaster Behavioral Health

The Disaster Behavioral Health Center is focused on research, training, consultation, and the application of behavioral health skills and information in the preparation for, reaction to, and reintegration from any disaster situation. We are dedicated to advancing and enhancing the best practices in disaster behavioral health for our communities.